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The Master’s Course in Theology aims at developing the capacity for scientific research in the theological field, as well as training university professors in theology and theological advisers for international and national, civil and ecclesiastical organizations.

Requirements for obtaining a Master’s degree

  • Have a minimum of 12 months of attendance at PUC-RIO.
  • Obtain a minimum of 24 credits in Postgraduate courses.
  • Have sufficient knowledge to read texts in one of the languages: French, English, Italian or German.
  • For students who choose the Biblical Theology Concentration Area, proven knowledge of Advanced Biblical Greek Language and Advanced Biblical Hebrew Language is required.
  • Present, defend and pass a Master’s Dissertation (TEO 3000).
  • In twelve months, the student must have completed the twenty-four credits and passed the Master’s Complex Exam.
  • During the semester following these twelve months, the student must choose the advisor professor and present the Dissertation Project.
  • Until the twenty-third month, the student must deliver the Dissertation to the examining board at the Department’s office.
  • During the period of the twenty-fourth month, at the most, the Dissertation must be defended in public.
  • The final text of the Dissertation must be delivered to the Department with corrections made up to 180 days after the defense.

Admission and Registration

  • To have completed the Degree in Theology recognized by MEC, with a final average of 8.0 (eight) or more and a workload of 1.600 hours / classes or more.
  • Comply with the other requirements indicated in the notice of the selection process that is in force at the time of admission and be considered approved and qualified for enrollment.