Imagem de cabeçalho do projeto Portinari


The Program intends to contribute to the training of teachers working in Higher, Middle and Elementary Education and postgraduate researchers, especially in its two Areas of Concentration (Biblical and Systematic-Pastoral). 

In addition, it aims to train, for a more qualified performance, advisors, pastoralists and religious leaders in institutions and organizations aimed at dialogue between the religious experience, the Christian faith, society and current culture, having as a guiding axis a humanist vision, capable of expressing itself through ethical-social commitment, sustainable use of natural resources and consolidation of a democratic society.

Another characteristic of the Program’s graduate is the openness to inter / multi / transdisciplinary, ecumenical and interreligious dialogue, through an in-depth understanding of the dynamics inherent to human existence and the public engagement of Theology in debates on the construction of the social fabric that demand their contribution.